Immaculate workshop for top quality, legal installations.

  • We are flexible to meet dealership demands
  • Fully comprehensive insurance
  • Public & products liability £1 million
  • Individual vehicle cover up to £75,000
  • Over night insured storage of vehicles if need be
  • Pick up and drop off service
  • We use our own trade plates so we can pick up and drop off your un-registered vehicles
  • Open 5 days a week monday -friday (8am – 5pm)Evenings and saturday by appointment
  • On-site dealership installs (where certified)
  • We offer ‘50% off’ discounts for demonstrator vehicles

Skilled Practice

The application of window films to a high quality standard is an exceedingly skilled practise. consequently, a wide variation in the quality of finishes can be seen on the roads today. These vary from very poor quality finishes that typify the DIY or sole trader market application, up to a very high quality finish that characterise Eclipse Tinting Solutions.

Eclipse Tinting Solutions do not dismantle cars in order to provide the service. years of tool development and well honed experienced technicians prevent the need to dismantle vehicles. further more the films are applied in a single piece, so no joins.

Eclipse Tinting Solutions provide a professional, quality focused installation, where only the best films are used. when applied, these films are very hard to detect by the un-trained eye and can seem indistinguishable from the glass itself.

Dealerships can count on Eclipse Tinting Solutions for all its vehicle safety and UV protective film installations. Eclipse Tinting Solutions is a company that has created a reputation that is not circumstantial; it is one that has been built through years of customer care and attention to detail.

Our typical qualified technician can comfortably install two – three cars per day. It is not out of the question for us to work seven days per week to support any peak demand.

If you represent a dealership and would simply like to talk with us about using our service, please visit us or call during business hours on (028) 90 665997 or you can use our e-mail

Eclipse Tinting Solutions are open for discussion, topics may include:-

  • Identifying the hotspots and why uv & heat protective films can help you sell more vehicles
  • How other dealerships work with us.
  • Exclusive supply agreement for all dealerships in a group
  • How does Eclipse Tinting Solutions Provide a top quality service backed using the premier films?
  • Discounted pricing / margins
  • Typical questions customers ask, what’s happening with standard ‘tinted glass’?
  • How does Eclipse Tinting Solutions provide a consistent top quality
  • Installation, on or off premise when other ‘tinted window’ companies fail to deliver…